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Kaspersky Lab vs Symantec

How does Kaspersky Lab match up against Symantec? Please read this competitive information.


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Kaspersky: Mobile Security

Many employees use their own devices for both personal and corporate tasks. In fact, some organizations encourage workers to choose their preferred smartphone or tablet from a retailer, and IT adds email and corporate access to the employee-owned device.
There are savings and productivity benefits, but BYOD can also open the organization to security risks. Corporate data, improperly secured and
potentially co-mingled with personal items, can be easily exploited. Often these devices are also used by family members with no regard for application security. Some are even rooted or jailbroken.


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Kaspersky: Endpoint Controls

As an IT Administrator, did you ever want to :-

1) Allow, block or regulate application (or application category) use

2) Control internet access on your network

3) Set policies that allow or restrict removable devices

If so, consider what Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Endpoint Controls can do for you.


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Best Practices : Encryption Technology

In the US alone, an estimated 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen every week. According to the Ponemon Institute, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. The figures for smartphones are no better — in 2011, 439 US organizations surveyed by Ponemon reported that, in the previous 12 months, 142,708 smartphones had been lost or stolen.



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eBay Hacked

Another big company hacked. Another place you have to update your password.  The e-commerce site confirmed Wednesday (21-05-2014) that its corporate network was hacked and a database with users’ passwords was compromised.


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Using Gmail or Hotmail for Business Can Make You Appear Less Credible

When setting up a business and looking at email options, the free pop email accounts such as Hotmail and Gmail seem like the obvious and easy choice, especially when comparing it to a paid solution. However if you look closer a free email account could in fact be the costlier choice. […]

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Why Every Company Should Have A Website

World Wide Web

Like many small business owners, you may believe your business cannot benefit from having a website or that a website is not within your budget. Or maybe you think because you don’t use a computer, neither do your potential customers. These are misconceptions.

Consider some reasons why your company NEEDS a professional website, no matter what size your business.


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