EmailWhen setting up a business and looking at email options, the free pop email accounts such as Hotmail and Gmail seem like the obvious and easy choice, especially when comparing it to a paid solution. However if you look closer a free email account could in fact be the costlier choice.

Using Hotmail, Gmail and other free email accounts can make new customers think twice about doing business with you. If a new customer goes to contact you and sees that your email is a Gmail or Hotmail account this can instantly inflict doubt on how established, qualified and trustworthy your business is and therefore put them off contacting you.

Five Advantages to Using a Personalized Business Email Address

Unpaid email accounts are easy to get and use, so you might be reluctant to switch to a paid account. But when you look at the advantages of using your domain name for your email address — such as increased credibility, branding opportunities and how affordable they are — you’ll see you can’t afford not to use one.

(1) Look professional: Like it or not, prejudices exist around email addresses. Although, an AOL address might functionally be working well for you, it can make you look “behind the times,” and appear less established and less serious about your business.

(2) Brand your business: Build your business identity. Put your company name in front of customers, prospects, suppliers, vendors and partners with every email you send. When your email address is your company name, you’re marketing your business with every email you send.

(3) Protection from dangerous spam: Paid email accounts typically includes anti-virus and spam filters to keep your inbox clean and secure from dangerous spam. They also have address books, folders to stay organized, and email encryption with password protection so information you send and receive stays private.

(4) Manage all email accounts in one place: When you get a personalized email address, you don’t need to check multiple email accounts or worry about missing messages from your free email. Most email, like Hotmail and Gmail, let you forward all messages to any email address you choose.

(5) Easy to find your business online: Customers and prospects you’ve corresponded with from time to time don’t always remember how to find you online. But if they have your business email in their online address book, they can see your domain name in your email address and know exactly how find your website.

How do you get a personalized business email address?

If your business has a website, then you’ll want your email address to match the domain name. If you don’t have a website yet, then you’ll need to start by getting a domain name.

Tip: Select your domain name carefully because you’re going to want to put your business website on this domain eventually. A domain is a key part of your brand, so take the time to find a name that represents your company brand, is fairly short, easy to spell and easy to remember.

Remember, an email address can say a lot more than just the messages you send from it.

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