Why Talnet

1. ProActive IT Support

Instead of constantly reacting to IT problems AFTER they happen, we can predict & prevent problems leading BEFORE they lead to costly downtime and potentially harm your business.

Thanks to our 24x7 state-of-the-art IT health monitoring & alerting software.
We can now use advanced technology to take better care of your computer systems.
2. Licensed Antivirus Solutions

We provide highly effective virus protection solutions with very low impact on system resources. Our solutions can be

  • Deployed
  • Configured
  • Monitored
  • Reported

by our IT health monitoring & alerting software.

3. Licensed Remote Access Application

We are able to securely connect to our customers' workstations and servers - wherever they are - within a few seconds. This allows us to resolve issues in a much faster way, improving productivity and reducing downtime. 

Our support features include a live chat, and unattended support tools which allows us to fix issues without disrupting users.
Our solution includes full encryption based on AES (128 bit) session encoding.

This technology is based on the same standards as https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today's standards.

4. Experienced and certified technicians

Our services includes unlimited access to Microsoft and Comptia Certified technicians who solve problems correctly the first time and save you time and money.

5. Flat-fee Pricing

We use a “flat-fee” pricing structure for our network management services, that brings you unlimited support. Our unique pricing model allows your company to easily and effectively budget for IT costs.

There are no surprises at the end of the month.
There are no more hourly billing charges.
6. We grow with your business

Our computer support services are designed to easily scale as we help you grow your business. With our predictable pricing model , it is easy to understand the IT costs .

For Example : installing an additional server on your network.
7. We are far less expensive than hiring a full-time IT guy

Just run the numbers. By outsourcing your computer support to us, we can save you thousands of dollars on benefits and taxes while giving you the expertise and experience of an entire IT Department.

When a company is running on a tight budget, an in-house IT department could be an expensive proposition.
With us, you get the same expertise at a fraction of the cost.
8. Good Distributors Relationships

We have developed very good relationships with major software distributors to provide you with the best discounts available for your next purchase.